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Making the Internet Safe for your Children

What is filtering?

Internet filtering is a tool that makes the Internet safer for children by sorting and blocking access to undesirable content on the web.

Who should use it?

Parents may wish to use filtering software to ensure their children and family do not access inappropriate web content such as pornography and other adult sites.

What software is available?

The Internet Industry Association Codes of Practice document provides a list of approved filtering packages. We have included links to some below. You can download trial versions of these products. If you need help, contact us.

Filter Product

Who decides what content will be blocked?

Web Filter Proxy

(powered by N2H2) A team of over 150 people at N2H2 continuously update the blocking list as new Web sites appear on the Internet.

Cyber Patrol

The block list is overseen by a review committee which includes a minister, school officials, and child psychologists, and representatives from: a Women's group, a Gay and Lesbian group, a gun lobby group, and a conservative media watchdog group.

Net Nanny

Parents can set up their own list of offending words and sites to be blocked.

More Information

Internet Industry Association. IIA.
Australian Broadcasting Authority. ABA.
Internet Industry Liaison NetAlert

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