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Here we hope to ease in your first time in cyberspace, help explain some terms, suggest places to find information you might be looking for, and also list places on the 'net that are interesting and useful.

This Tutorial is aimed at people who are already familiar with the use of a computer mouse, and know some of the basics of computer usage (clicking, scrolling, typing). We have assumed this as a lowest common denominator when putting together this Tutorial.

If you are not confident, you should probably seek advice from friends or a professional tutor. Have a look at our links page for more info on these kind of people.

So this Tutorial is aimed at people who have at least a passing ability in using computers, but are perhaps not too familiar with the internet in general.

To see other tutorials go to email, downloading, using a browser, faq.

Mouse Pointers and Hyperlinks
You are currently using a Web Browser to look at this writing. Above are coloured buttons, and a picture (our Hotkey logo). If you were to move your mouse pointer over the "buttons" you'd see that the mouse pointer image changes, from the regular arrow to a pointing hand. Go ahead, try it.

When this happens, it means you can "follow the link", to go someplace else on the internet. Links are usually easy to spot, as they are usually underlined, like this:

Click here for a nice picture

Use the left hand mouse button to follow the above, and any, link on the net. A single click is all that is required.

If you have clicked a link already, you might see the text as red(or a colour different to the other links on the page). This indicates that you have already followed that link, which can be handy thing if you forget where you have been before.

Hyperlinks, as these are known, can sometimes be disguised as pictures - meaning pictures can be hyperlinks, as in the example above where you clicked on the picture to return to here. The buttons on the menu at the top of the page are pictures, also.

When you hover your mouse pointer over some links or pictures, you may see some small writing on a yellow background appear (You may have to pause for a second or two to see this) These are called tool tips, and are there for two reasons:

  • Sometimes pictures on the net don't download properly, and when they don't, this writing appears in its place as a space filler and indicator of what's missing.
  • Also, a web designer can use this text to help describe the meaning of the picture, like a caption.
  • We have done the latter as much as possible on our site here. For example, if you hold your mouse pointer over some of the buttons on the navigation bar to the left of this page (you will have to scroll the page up a bit to do this), you should see the words describing what happens if you click the left button.

    To see the tutorial on email, downloading, using a browser, faq.

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